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Vertex™ ThermoSens Dentures

Vertex ThermoSens is a state-of-the-art, sturdy denture base. The chemical free innovation is virtually unbreakable and comes in many colours. It provides an excellent fit due to minimised shrinkage. This denture base is ideal for full and partial dentures, rebase, reline and overdentures on implants.

A Strong Solution

Incredibly strong, this base is made from a special thermoplastic material. Due to its tough material, Vertex ThermoSens is likely to withstand breakage, unlike acrylic bases. If the base is accidentally dropped, for example, its thermoplastic composition will absorb the impact. You won’t have to worry about any fractures or separation either.

A Chemical-free Option

If you have a sensitivity to chemicals and acrylic resins, Vertex ThermoSens is the perfect solution as no liquid chemicals are used during the process.

A Variety of Colours

Vertex ThermoSens comes in 15 gum colours so you can choose the one that’s the best match for you. The colours remain stable while you’re wearing the denture base, even after a lengthy period.


Vertex ThermoSens are also stain-resistant. So if you enjoy coffee, tea or other drinks that are more acidic, you don’t have to worry about stains penetrating the denture base, because of its thermoplastic material.

A Low Shrinkage Rate

While acrylics have a shrinkage rate of 8%, Vertex ThermoSens have a miniscule rate of only 1%. As a result of this small shrinkage rate, you can experience an outstanding fit.

Is Vertex™ ThermoSens right for me?

  • You have previously experienced chemical sensitivity or allergies to other appliances
  • You have experienced fit issues due to difficult teeth structure
  • You are interested in a denture that is extremely sturdy and stain resistant

Caring for Your ThermoSens

Just as you brush your teeth regularly for optimal oral health, it’s important to keep your Vertex ThermoSens clean with Vertex Pro Clean. Doing so will keep them in peak condition. Contact Crown Dental Group to book in for a free denture consultation to discuss whether Vertex ThermoSens is right for you.

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