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Complete (Full) Dentures

A complete denture is an ideal tooth replacement option for patients who require all their teeth replaced in the upper or lower jaw. Your complete denture will have a natural gum-coloured acrylic base plate that support the replacement teeth.

The base plate comfortably fits over the gums and the design provides maximum retention. A lower denture is constructed in a horseshoe form, which covers the bony ridge used in supporting your natural teeth. An upper denture will cover the top palate to help offer good retention.

How are Full Dentures made?

It usually takes about 7-10 days from your initial consultation to develop your full dentures. Your dental prosthetist will:

  • Take impressions and measurements of your mouth
  • Create a wax model of your denture to ensure the best fit, colour and shape
  • Build your full acrylic denture at our on-site dental laboratory
  • Make small in-chair adjustments as required

Eat and Speak Normally With your New Acrylic Full Dentures

Your dental team at Crown Dental Group will provide you with substantial tips and guidelines on how to get used to speaking and eating throughout the first few weeks of wearing your denture, especially if you have both the upper and lower dentures.

As you become more accustomed to wearing your full denture, you will be able eat the foods you want, from softer kinds to harder ones. Our skilled dental team is here to offer practical help to make sure that your dentures are a success.

A full denture may be the best option for you and your needs. To learn more about our high-quality dentures, book a free denture consultation with a dental prosthetist at Crown Dental Group.

Dentures from our In-House Dental Laboratory

All our dentures are fabricated at our in-house dental laboratory. This means that there is no additional travel to external laboratories, and turnaround times are much faster compared to other dental practices that have no on-site laboratory.

Our on-site dental laboratory fabricate your dentures using the Heraeus injection technique which limits the expansion of the acryclic so your dentures fit more accurately. Our dental experts work closely with our technicians to ensure the quality and excellence of every denture.

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